1948 - Honda Motor Co., Ltd. Established

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. is established with co-founders Soichiro Honda and Takeo Fujisawa and introduces (in 1949) its first original designed and engineered product which Mr. Honda appropriately names the "Dream" D-type motorcycle.


 1959 - Honda in the United States

 On June 11, American Honda Motor Co., Inc. is  established in Los Angeles, California, as the first  overseas subsidiary of Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

1969 - Honda Sells its first car in America

The Honda N600 is the first automobile sold by Honda Motor Co., Ltd. in the United States. 

   1974 - Leaving Blue Skies for Our Children

 Driven by the rallying cry of "Blue skies for our  children"  Honda engineers create a groundbreaking  CVCC engine that makes the Honda Civic the first  vehicle to meet the strict emissions standards of the  new U.S. Clean Air Act without the use of a catalytic  converter.

1976 - Welcome the Accord

The first Honda Accord may have been a humble hatchback, but it was a big hit. This initial model will was followed by an Accord Sedan in 1979. From its launch until today, Accord is the best-selling passenger car in America, with American car buyers purchasing over 12.5 million.

   1984 - The American Honda Foundation Founded

 This year marks a big milestone in Honda's  commitment to supporting the communities where we  work and live. The American Honda Foundation will go  on to award over $32 million to organizations in every  state in the U.S.

1999 - Introducing America to Hybrids 

In December, the Honda Insight drives through uncharted territory to become the first hybrid vehicle available in North America. 

    2001 - 10-millionth North American Car is Built

  On April 10th, 2001 the 10-millionth Honda built in         North America rolls off the assembly line at the               Marysville Auto Plant.

2008 - Fuel Cell Technology

Honda breaks new ground introducing the 2009 FCX Clarity fuel cell vehicle. With a new, more compact fuel cell stack, Clarity is the world's first fuel cell sedan capable of comfortably carrying four occupants.

   2014 - 20-Million Vehicles built in the United States

 On March 20th, 2014 Honda passed the 20-millionth  automobile produced in America. This is a proud  moment for Honda and we look forward to the next  20. 

2014 - Honda Introduces Wind Turbines

Honda Transmission Mfg. of America fires up its brand-new wind turbines in Russells Point, Ohio. Honda is the first major automotive manufacturing facility in the U.S. to get a substantial amount of its electricity from onsite wind turbines.

   2015 - Honda Rejoins Formula 1

 In partnership with McLaren, Honda returns to it's  racing roots for the 2015 FIA Formula 1 (F1) World  Championship. "If Honda does not race, there is no  Honda" -Soichiro Honda

2016 - Honda Civic Type-R Comes to America

After nearly 20 years, Honda is giving enthusiasts what they've been begging for: The Civic Type-R. The high performance forbidden fruit from overseas will be available in 2017. 

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